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Distributed Audio/Video

At Fentronics we know that Austin is a city of diversity, and that is seen even in our choice of music and entertainment. So why can't you enjoy that same level of diversity at home? Well with a Multi-room audio video distribution system installed by Fentronics your options of music and entertainment throughout the house can vary from room to room according to the preference of each individual in the family.

We can utilize one set of components and distribute them throughout the house. Even that PS3 or BluRay player can be shared to any high-definition display in the house. And with our easy to use and intuitive controls, switching between sources is a snap. Now at 10 pm your teenager can rock out in his room while your wifes bunco party listens to Jazz in the living room, all while you peacefully watch the news in your room.

While most companies offer distributing video throughout the house over standard definition grade cabling, We realize that in todays HD world that a better distributed video system is needed. At Fentronics we offer the ability to distribute a centrally located stack of components including High Definition video signals, throughout your house. This way you can access that HD show you recorded on your DVR in the theater over in your bedroom on the other side of the house. It also means that only one Bluray player, one cable/sat DVR, one media PC, one Xbox or PS3 is needed to be seen throughout the house.

We can also offer to distribute stereo sound throughout your house. These can work in harmony with the distributed video system so that you get a high quality HD picture and audiofile sound through your speakers. These speakers can be in wall, in ceiling, or bookshelf speakers. We can also have local source inputs, so that when you watch a local device such as a DVD player in the room it will over ride the distributed audio source and play the DVD over your speakers in that room.

Centralizing your audio video components in a dedicated closet or dedicated cabinet offers much flexibility in whole house distributed audio and video. We use Middle Atlantic A/V racks to ensure a clean and simple to maintain system. We will also make sure that the components are properly ventilated to ensure maximum operation and life expectancy of your audio video components. And with our Media players such as Escient or Media Max you can load your DVDs once and never have to touch them again. Their GUI interface makes for simple selection and operation of all your music and movies.