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Dedicated Theater vs. Media Room

You may wonder,
"What should I invest in, a dedicated theater or a media room?
What is the difference?"

Let us break it down for you. Then, based on your needs and your house, you can decide what is right for you. A dedicated theater is a room that has been set aside exclusively for watching movies usually on a large screen size 80+". Whether there are absolutely no windows or you use blackout shades to cover existing windows, these rooms will have limited ambient lighting. These rooms are designed and built for movie watching, from having riser platforms, multiple seating rows, acoustical wall treatments, etc. There are many steps involved in producing a great dedicated home theater from the concept to framing to painting to programming. If these steps are done right you will have an amazing theater room for your family to enjoy for years to come. These rooms are becoming more of a staple in the Austin, Texas home market. Builders are designing their homes with dedicated theaters as options. Many wonder if they would even use this room enough to benefit them. What we have found with our clients is that this room usually ends up being the most used room in the house. Any doubts quickly fade away after the first movie is viewed.

What is a media room? A media room is a room that is being used for more than Movie watching. These rooms can consist of a family room with a hide away theater or a bonus room used for movie watching and perhaps playing games. A media room may be considered in place of a dedicated theater if there isn't space in the floorplans for an additional room. These rooms can be just as effective as a dedicated home theater, but more things are now taken into consideration. Now one has to decide whether the media speakers, screen, and projector are going to be out in the open or hidden away. This is especially true when a living or family room is doubling as a media room as well. Most homeowners like to entertain in these rooms without always looking at a screen. We understand our clients' individual needs and will design the perfect solution for these needs.

So whether you decide you have the extra floor space for a dedicated home theater or you need to double up your living room with a media room, Fentronics can help design and install the perfect solution for you.

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